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About Milan Guide Services

Milan Guide Services is a small guide operator located in Milan, Italy. Our aim is to create a memorable visit for customers who want to enjoy the sights of Milan and the comfort of a private tour with a fully qualified, excellent Milan Guide.

We offer select, customized, affordable private tours, designed to satisfy our visitors' requirements. A personalized private tour is the most efficient way to get the most out of a visit. Our guide services make it easy for the visitor to choose the tour he/she would like to take.

We offer the following:

  1. For those who are on a tight schedule, or who just want a flavour of what the city can offer, we provide several one-hour tours. Our professional guide will explain the origins, history and reveal important artistic details concerning the chosen monuments, historical objects or places of interest.

  2. For those who want to explore Milan in more detail, two-, three-, or four-hour tours are available. Our guide will cover the most important aspects of the city. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions en route, and time to explore areas of particular interest in more detail.

  3. For something different, there you can customize your tour to fit your specific interests. Our guide will take you on a journey through the extraordinary history, art and architecture of the places that you have chosen.

  4. You can also chose the theme for your tour:

    1. Historic Abbys in Milan:
      There are many historic Abbys of Cystercian, Umiliati and Olivetani orders, built between 12th and13th centuries, that played important roles in Milan's history. Located in the subbarban zone, they have maintained the Roman and Gothic characteristics of the original buildings. Inside the monastic complex one can find a large church, once completely covered by beautiful frescos by Lombard artists. Many do still remain today, well-preserved closters sorrunded by loggias, and agricultural courtyard with barns and stables.

    2. Science
      The Museum Science and Technology, one of the most important museums in the world, contains 28 individual galleries dedicated to all aspects of science and technology. It contains a spectacular collection of the technical inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. Some of the wooden models have been reconstructed for the first time in 1990's by local Milanese artists using original Leonardo drawings and computer stimulations. These can be seen working and they give outstanding insight into creative power of his mind.

    3. Art and Architecture
      Your personal guide you will walk with you through a unique collection of Milan art that reaches back over the centuries to the early Renaissance. It is here that you can admire Leonardo's frescoes, which have been restored to their original glory.

    4. Christian heritage:
      Churches are monuments, religious buildings of great importance not only for art, history or sacred Christian architecture but also for the continuation of social events, traditions and development of religious thinking. The artifacts (frescos, paintings, furnitures, silver and gold utencils) used during religious celebrations and collected over the centuries bring us enormous insight into how people lived, worked, dressed and celebrated holidays, sacraments and funerals through centuries.

    5. Roman roots of Milan
      There is not much left from the Roman days of Milan because the stones of Roman bulidings were scavenged and used to built later buildings. The remains of Roman buildings, however, are claerly visible in the construction or churches, palaces or public buildings. Milan's Roman amphitheatre, built between the first and second centuries B.C., is one of the most imposing buildings built by the Romans. During festivals and special events around 35,000 people came together to watch Gladiators, wild animal fights or other bloody spectacles so admired by the ancient citizens.

    6. Gardens
      Milan's Public Gardens, covering 160,000 square meters, were built in typical Italian style with inseparable small lake stocked with geese and fish and a hill of faux rock, gardens with many valuable statues, fountains, arches, gazebos, ”fake” ruins and other elements of garden architecture worth seeing. In a summer many of the parks host classical music concerts and select opera performances.

  5. Do you have trouble deciding what to see? No problem! Our personalized service will exceed your expectations.

  6. We also offer big group walking tours (10 or more people).Transportation can be arranged on request

  7. The individual and group tours can be arranged in English, Italian, Polish, German and Russian.

Our love for digital photography, led to the conception of the Milan Photo Gallery. The gallery officially will be opened as a division of Milan Guide Services iin September of 2006.

Our guided tours through highlights of Milan

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