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Pinacoteca di Brera

The Mysterious World of the Brera Gallery.

Museum hours: 8:15 - 18:30 Duration: two hours Availability: Tue - Sun Meeting time: on request

Explore the gallery with our guide. Learn to see what is really there behind layers of centuries old paint. Our guide will take you on a journey through a wonderful and mysterious world of ancient myths, biblical stories and images of daily life. He will show you hidden meaning, highlight metaphors and symbols, explain techniques and point out minute but important details you might never have noticed otherwise. All paintings, large and small, have their own tale to tell. Often the message is easy to recognize, but the stories in many paintings are no longer familiar to us, in our modern world of science and technology, of atoms and space travel. Travel back in time and rediscover the symbolism and the secrets of perspective in Piero della Francesca's , the heavenly love in Raphael's, the brighting colors and the blinding lights of the Venetian's painters and the realism of Caravaggio's pictures. Let yourself be excited, be thrilled. Take one of our tours through the mysterious world of the Brera Gallery and you will never look at art exactly the same way again. Take your first steps now and be on your way to become a true connoisseur.

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