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Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) Stadium

Giuseppe Meazza Stadium

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San Siro Stadium represents the symbol of the football tradition in Italy. Milanese like to enjoy matches of their home football teams: Milan and Inter played on San Siro pitch. The San Siro Stadium, also known as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza has a long and interesting history. It was inaugurated with a match between the local teams AC Milan (Milan) and Internazionale (Inter) on September 19, 1926, and to this date both teams share the stadium. The stadium owes its name to the fact that it stands in the neighborhood of the small San Siro Church. The primary stadium architecture was based on an Anglo-Saxon model, characterized by four independent tribunes that were placed close to the playing field. It had a seating capacity of 20,000 and was able to accommodate 35,000 spectators in total. Between 1935 and 1939 the stadium underwent its first reconstruction. Four curvilinear stands were constructed to close off the corners of the stadium. After the reconstruction was finished in 1939 the the stadium could accommodate 55,000 spectators.

In the mid-fifties another modernization took place. Under the supervision of architect Ronca and engineer Calzolari the stadium was enlarged by addition of second ring of seats and the construction of access to the top ring.

In 1980 the stadium was dedicated to one of the best ever Italian football players, Giuseppe Meazza. It was an appropriate choice as Meazza had played both for the elite club Inter and the workers club Milan. The coach of the national Italian team, Vittorio Pozzo, used to say: "having Giuseppe on the team is like starting the match with a goal ahead!".

Before the World Cup in 1990 the San Siro Stadium was again restructured. This time a third ring, supported by 11 cylindrical concrete towers, and a fiberglass roof were added to the structure. This roof is supported by 9.5 meter high beams that are connected in a rectangular arrangement to the 51 meter high towers at the four corners of the stadium. The current capacity of the stadium is 85,700 including 5,200 VIPs seats.

The towers and unique entrance give the stadium a very modern, dynamic look. Spectators on the top rows of the stadium can admire both the match and the beautiful panorama of the city and its highlight the Cathedral.

Our guide takes you also on a tour through the glorious history of the Milan stadium. In the Museum of the Stadium you will see the historical shirts of greatest champions of the world form Rivera to Mazzola, from Pele to Maradona, from Zidane to Crujiff and many, many more. You will see the trophies, footballs, boots, art object and all sort of memorabilia especially created to please football fans' hearts. And it is hardly to believe..., but you will meet 24 greatest champions in Milan football history and see their dressing room. The film in the Museum cinema gives you a look into the the most exciting memories of the past, shows you the most funny as well as most dramatic moments which took place on the holy grass of the Stadium, and other endless footbal emotions. Want to feel the exciting atmosphere of the San Siro Stadium and meet its greatest champions? Join our tour!

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